Chinese Traditional Acupuncture

Chinese Traditional Acupuncture is the main style practised here at Maldon Acupuncture, and is the same method currently being used in Chinese hospitals. This style is based on ideas first developed over 2,000 years ago which have undergone constant revision. Traditional acupuncture is suitable for a wide range of health problems (too long to list!)


The ancient Chinese asserted that the body has a natural energy (Qi, or chi) that flows via a network of channels (or meridians). These channels connect the inside of the body to the outside, and if they become blocked, the Qi is unable to flow thus creating stagnation which is felt as pain. Acupuncture aims to stimulate Qi flow and resolve stagnation, restoring the channel network to a harmonious balance.

Chinese philosophy never separated Mind and Body in the way that happened in the West, and so acupuncture is believed to help with emotional problems as well as physical ones. This is often experienced as enhanced states of relaxation brought about by the needling process.

For physical problems Traditional Acupuncture is often combined with manual bodywork such as massage or stretching to tackle pain and any underlying disorders.

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